Author's Note

Today’s freebies are web ribbons.If you want, it can use on menu or on your web site.



  1. Thx for the beautiful ribbon.

  2. The ribbons are great! Thanks for sharing with the web community :)

  3. Thankz sharing for awesome ribbons

  4. gui

    Ahhhh amazing, thank you <3

  5. Maria

    So beautiful! Thanks a lot!!!!

  6. Hi,

    Just discovering your site, coming from Creattica, it’s awesome !

    Many thanks for sharing,

  7. Thanks for the beautiful ribbon

  8. Robert Rodriguez

    nice ribbon designs…..

  9. Very detail design, thanks for the lovely ribbon,

  10. Hey thanks for sharing …………..

  11. awesome … thanks so much for sharing :D

  12. Arkar

    Nice sharing!!!

  13. TNQ for the beautiful ribbon :)

  14. Спасибо!. Давно искал.

  15. Annika

    Very nice – thank you!

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